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Phygital and digital solutions for

A multisensory approach offering
an instant well-being as well as long-term benefits


Take action to face / fight

Serenity tends to reduce negative effects of chronic stress as well as our very own stress enhancers thanks to a positive body and mind stimulation and workout


Give the keys of positive change

With its comprehensive portfolio, Serenity enables a long-term efficient support to change our inner negative mecanism and to developp our skills and inner strenghts


Contribute to a real well-being

Combining visual and audible experiences, Serenity boost the effects of relaxation and achieve instant results within only 5 to 20 minutes

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Offer a unique experience 

Serenity's approach is ground-breaking and shines through its playful and innovative concept that brings together any type of audience, anywhere in the world

Serenity created immersive relaxation back in 2017, a made in France concept built on innovative experiences - both digital and phygital - and dedicated solutions for well-being, health and entertainment.

Serenity combines an immersive self-bubble into nature based virtual environment and psychophysical techniques scientifically acknowledged such as meditation, dynamic relaxation or musicotherapy.

Created by well-being experts with a playful & innovative mindset, Serenity supports professionnals throughout their projects thanks to its dedicated solutions portfolio well-adjusted for each field-application.

They already trust us

1 unique concept, 4 dedicated solutions

"I want to improve well-being at work and employee experience"

One of two employees is subject to chronic stress or anxiety at work and suffers from their impacts on mental and physical health, individual and collective productivity and their company's results. The cost is high : an average 13 340 € / year per worker. In a new world leaning towards tourné hybrid organizations, Serenity supports your to reconcile benevolence and performance whenever or wherever you work.

Well-being at work  +  Employee experience +  Psychosocial risks prevention programs  +  Health at work

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"I'm looking for an innovative body & mind relaxation concept"

In a world ruled by efficiency and questionned by the global health crisis, the search for well-being and mental health weights a lot into people's mind : stress, sleep trouble, need to escape, self-confidence, letting-go are words we can hear everyday. To offer an innovative body & mind approach in your structure ou into your occupation, Serenity is an ideal tool who is going to fulfill your existing offering.

Wellness / beauty services  &  cares  +  Mental work-out  +  Coaching or Short Therapy

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"I want to improve my patients or residents daily life "

The proven ability of virtual reality to capture our attention and focus ressources, both cognitive and sensorial, enables pain treatment and management. Owing to its immersive environnement and its targetted portoflio of guided sessions, Serenity can also reduce anxiety, stress, lift up spirits or positively stimulate body and mind (memory, body awakening, relief, relaxation, ability to focus ...)

Non-medicinal alternative  +  Improvement of care pathways + Well-being of patients or residents


"I want to stand out with a trendy activity"

Stand out to attract or retain more customers, offer creative and original, playful and trendy activities that can capture your audience attention or to add a new wellness layer to your services offering into your structure or company... Serenity supports your short-term or long-term project with a wide portfolio of turnkey solutions or tailor-made options for all kind of budgets.

Wellness tourism  +  Virtual travel  +  Digital events  +  Experiential Marketing

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You cannot find a matching solution ?   Contact us !

Four years serving well-being around us

Immersive relaxation is available

days per year

Serenity already brought relaxation to


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